Management System of Environmental Quality

Innova MONITORING is a tool to manage environmental information derived from the implementation of sampling campaigns and environmental targets to implement monitoring plans and control of companies with environmental permits. It allows you to plan, execute, control and exploit any environmental control network, whether air quality, surface water, groundwater, hydrology, meteorology, noise or vibration.

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Main Features

Comprehensive management of environmental sampling campaigns

Innova MONITORING allows to manage any network of environmental quality control.

The management system of sampling of Innova MONITORING allows planning and integral control of samples taken and the analytic and in-situ results, giving the user great flexibility when configuring campaigns, checkpoints, taking samples, analyzes to be performed, etc.

  • It supports all types of data control networks: air, water, noise, vibration, weather, etc.
  • Acquisition and processing system of continuous measurement sensors (SCADA system).
  • Planning of sampling campaigns.
  • Discharge, edition, follow-up of samples and batches of samples
  • Generation of delivery records of samples to laboratories and stickers for bottles factory with bar code reading.
  • Visualization and monitoring of analytical results (tabular, export to MS Excel, reports official test PDF, etc.)

Validation platform of analytical results

Innova MONITORING offers to the user a comprehensive tool for monitoring and control of all analytical results and allowing send to review those likely to be erroneous, allowing also generate incidents that are sent directly to those responsibles of laboratory analysis, using a exchange platform of information and an automatic system of sending alert emails.

When large volumes of data are managed, it is important to have tools that permit, in the most automated way possible audit information to provide it with quality. In Innova Iberia we believe that quality is as much or more important than quantity in the operating data of a control network. Therefore, we have included in Innova MONITORING a supervision platform of analytical results derived of the sampling campaigns.

  • Validation of all analytical results of one or more laboratories.
  • The user can locate each result in different states (Validated, review, incidence).
  • Exchange platform of incidents in analytical results with laboratories.
  • Automatized sending of emails when generating a new incidence, or when this has been modified by the laboratory
  • Settings of customizable "sneaks" in the validation that alert the user of those results likely to be erroneous.

Data Mining Module

Innova MONITORING includes a powerful module to exploit the analytical results offering tools to the responsibles for decision-making and graphs, queries and ad-hoc reports that save time and money to the companies.

The data mining system of Innova MONITORING allows access to reliable information and in real-time by using ad-hoc queries, generating dynamic graphs and data export.

  • Evolution of analytical results compared to its limits or reference values (tabular and graphic).
  • Descriptive statistics (maximum, minimum, average, standard deviations, percentiles and number of data).
  • Comparative results (tabular and graphic):
    • Several checkpoints and an analytical parameter.
    • Several analytical parameters and a checkpoint.
    • Several checkpoints and various analytical parameters.
    • Representation on two axes 'Y' different.
  • SCADA systems. Graphics with feedback in real time or scheduled and automatic process control.
  • Automatic control of exceedances of emission limit values and reference values. Visualization platform and configurable scheduled sending emails to any abnormal situation.
  • Counts of samples and analyzes.
  • Billing control
  • Ad-hoc query and exporting data to common formats (Excel, PDF, Word).

Importing historical data

Innova MONITORING allows integrate data files in MS Excel format, regardless of how they are organized in different spreadsheets, including a semi-automatic validation of results loaded, providing these of analytical quality and therefore reliability.

Sometimes it has lots of historical information in different excel files of diverse sources. Useful information to follow developments, look for trends, determine the quality of white, plan activities, etc. It is crucial to have a tool for automatic loading and standardized information. Innova MONITORING is the solution.

  • Bulk loading data using MS Excel template.
  • Differents and configurables input formats
  • Error detection system in the template.
  • Export to MS Excel template of those errors found, specifying the error types and locations of these. The user can then modify the errors on the template and re-load the corrected file directly.
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Security and Access Control

Innova MONITORING integrates a complete security system and control of access to data based on user profiles.

La Seguridad en el acceso a los datos está garantizada con Innova MONITORING.

  • User profiles administration.
  • Level access allocation and visualization.
  • Allows the integration with the security of their networks of users or your active directory.
  • In addition to the levels of access and visualization, enables activity control.

Full system management panel

Controls all the configuration of your Innova MONITORING system from a pleasant and careful control panel with limited access through security.

A complex and robuts management system of environmental quality does not need a complex and difficult configuration system and maintenance, Innova MONITORING is a good proof of this.

  • Complete management of User Profiles.
  • Assignment of Roles and levels of Display/Export.
  • Discharge and editing key fields necessary for the planning and execution of comprehensive sampling campaigns (checkpoints, analytical parameters, associations, zoning, natures and sample types, etc.) .
Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad Ambiental

Technical Characteristics

  • Web application available on any browser.
  • System data access through SQL Server.
  • Architecture Back-End .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Responsible Design, Front-End Bootstrap, Flat UI, JQuery Mobile and Foundation.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher.
  • MS IIS 7 Web Server or higher.

Product Sheet

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Access your data anytime, anywhere

  • Access via Internet
  • Secure access to Intranet via VPN
  • Aplicación Cross-Platform para el acceso a consultas desde cualquier arquitectura y dispositivo.
  • Guaranteed security and access control.
  • Download data and Reports.
  • Alert system using automatic email delivery.
  • Robust performing and responsive design for its use in any mobile device or tablet.
  • Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
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