Management System of Mining Production

INNOVA MINING is a tool for production control that manages mining operations, focused on the control of equipment and processes, providing updated information on extracted volumes, traveled distances by the work teams, tons of mineral extracted and control laws, balances of stocks and batteries, billing control against the budget, etc. The tool is designed in an intranet environment, multi-user, with a web programming language designed to give it the maximum flexibility and scalability possible.

Sistema de Gestión de la Producción Minera

Main Features

Semi-automatic incorporating of working parts

Innova MINING acquires and processes the working parts of the equipment, volumes and distances traveled by these and mined tons of ore and other materials. Through a single screen, the user can validate the pre-loaded information, giving it reliability and can also locate it as "provisional" pending review, if necessary.

Tracking material flows

Innova MINING keeps track of material flows through the mining process control and monitoring current levels of stocks and batteries. The system allows manual adjustments and allows reconciliations.

Sistema de Gestión de la Producción Minera

Comparison of actual data with budgeted

In our system, you can easily make a comparison between the current situation and estimated production, generating graphs of evolution over time and export tabulated data to MS Excel with a simple click.

Billing control

Loading and consulting of the monthly billing and cumulative revenue of the year. Possibility of introducing correction coefficients of the invoice, being able to consult the movements of volumes of equipment modified by these coefficients.

Sistema de Gestión de la Producción Minera

Data Mining Module

Innova MINING includes a powerful module to exploit the analytical results offering tools to the responsibles for decision-making and graphs, queries and ad-hoc reports that save time and money to the companies.

Security and Access Control

Innova MINING integrates a complete security system and control of access to data based on user profiles.

Full system management panel

Controls all the configuration of your Innova MINING system from a pleasant and careful control panel with limited access through security.

Sistema de Gestión de la Producción Minera

Technical Characteristics

  • Web application available on any browser.
  • System data access through SQL Server.
  • Architecture Back-End .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Responsible Design, Front-End Bootstrap, Flat UI, JQuery Mobile and Foundation.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher.
  • MS IIS 7 Web Server or higher.

Product Sheet

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Sistema de Gestión de Requerimientos Legales

Access your data anytime, anywhere

  • Access via Internet
  • Secure access to Intranet via VPN
  • Aplicación Cross-Platform para el acceso a consultas desde cualquier arquitectura y dispositivo.
  • Guaranteed security and access control.
  • Download data and Reports.
  • Alert system using automatic email delivery.
  • Robust performing and responsive design for its use in any mobile device or tablet.
  • Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
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